class template
template <class charT, class OutputIterator = ostreambuf_iterator<charT> > class num_put;

Facet to format numeric values


The num_put standard facet is used to format numeric values as sequences of characters. It is called by standard output streams (such as ostream) to format numerical values with the insert operator (<a href="/ostream::operator<<">operator<<</a>).

num_put objects are prevented to be locally constructed by having a protected destructor. Only those installed in locale objects should be used through mechanisms such as use_facet.

This template class has two template parameters, representing the character type and the iterator type. They are referred in this entire reference as charT and OutputIterator, respectively:
template <class charT, class OutputIterator = ostreambuf_iterator<charT> > num_put;

The class defines two member alias types for these types: num_put::char_type and num_put::iter_type, respectively.

The character type is the type of the characters to generate.

The iterator type is the type of the output iterators pointing to the beginning and final elements in a character sequence.
Notice that this defaults to the ostreambuf_iterator type for the first template parameter charT, although the template can be instantiated for any other type of output iterator.

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