class template
template <class charT, bool International = false> class moneypunct;

Monetary punctuation facet


The moneypunct standard facet can be used to obtain information about the format of punctuation marks and currency symbols for monetary expressions.

moneypunct objects are prevented to be locally constructed by having a protected destructor. Only those installed in locale objects should be used through mechanisms such as use_facet.

This template class has two template parameters: The first one, charT, is the character type. The second one, International, specifies whether international representation is enabled. They are referred in this entire reference as charT and International, respectively:
template <class charT, bool International = false> moneypunct;

The class defines a member alias for the character type: moneypunct::char_type, and a basic_string member type for strings containing this same type of characters.

Public members

It includes the following public member functions:

Along with the following public member types:

And the member constant:

Virtual protected members

The class defines the virtual protected members in charge of implementing the expected behavior of their corresponding public member functions:

And the class destructor