public member function
iter_type put (iter_type s, bool intl, ios_base& str,
               char_type fill, long double units) const;
iter_type put (iter_type s, bool intl, ios_base& str,
               char_type fill, const string_type& digits) const;

Format monetary expression

Formats either units or digits into s as a sequence of characters expressing a monetary amount. For the process, it uses moneypunct<charT,intl> (where intl is the third parameter of this function) and fill as fill character, as well as the formatting options selected in the object passed as str.

The function writes the characters resulting from the formatting operation into the sequence whose first character location is pointed by s.

An iterator to the character right after the last element written to the output sequence is returned by the function.

During its operation, the version of this function in the generic template simply calls the virtual protected member do_put, which is the member function in charge of performing the actions described above.


Iterator pointing to the first character of the output sequence.
The sequence shall be large enough to contain the whole expression.
iter_type is a member alias of the second template parameter of money_put (i.e., the facet's iterator type). This can be any