public member function
string_type get (catalog cat, int set, int msgid,
                 const string_type&dfault) const;

Get message from catalog

Retrieves the message identified by set, msgid, and dfault in the catalog cat.

The specifics of this function are dependent on the library implementation.

During its operation, the version of this function in the generic template simply calls the virtual protected member do_get, which is the member function in charge of performing the actions described above.


Value returned by a previous call to messages::open.
catalog is a member type, alias of int.
Message id.
Default message, returned if no specific message is found in the catalog.
It may also be used by a particular library implementation to identify a message.

Return value

A string with the message retrieved, or dfault if no string matching the arguments is found in the catalog.
string_type is a member alias of basic_string<charT>, where charT is the template parameter (i.e., the facet's character type).

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