public member function
explicit ctype (size_t refs=0);

ctype constructor

Constructs a ctype facet object.

Calls the constructor of its base class locale::facet.


0 (zero) if the object has to be automatically destroyed when the last locale containing that facet is destroyed, or 1 (one) if it will be explicitly deleted.
size_t is an unsigned integral type.

Specialization for ctype<char>

The ctype class is specialized for the char type. This specialization has a different constructor with additional parameters:
explicit ctype ( const mask* tab = 0, bool del = false, size_t refs = 0 );

The additional parameters in this specialization represent:
Pointer to an array containing a table with the classification of each of the characters in the character set (as if returned by the array version of ctype::is). Or zero, if the classic table (a predefined table) is to be used.
ctype::mask is a bitmask member type.
If true, the destructor will automatically delete the table passed as first argument, so that the program needs not to care about the facet's lifetime.