int mblen ( const char * pmb, size_t max );

Get length of multibyte character

The size of the multibyte character pointed by pmb is determined, examining at most max bytes.
mblen has its own internal shift state, which is altered as necessary only by calls to this function.


Pointer to the first byte of a multibyte character.
Alternativelly, the function may be called with a null pointer, in which case the function resets its internal shift state to the initial value and returns whether multibyte characters have state-dependent encodings or not.
Maximum number of bytes to be checked for character length. No more than MB_CUR_MAX characters are examined in any case.

Return Value

If the argument passed as pmb is not a null pointer, the size in bytes of the character pointed by pmb is returned when it forms a valid multibyte character and is not the terminating null character. If it is the terminating null character, the function returns zero, and in the case they do not form a valid multibyte character, -1 is returned.
If the argument passed as pmb is a null pointer, the function returns a nonzero value if multibyte character encodings are state-dependent, and zero otherwise.

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